Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Snapped Up

Sunday was a corker! We had so much fun down at the Printhaus with the Snapped Up market. I had a stall selling some of my crafty makes, purses, jewellery and crochet plush and then also was running a small have a go printing your own bandana workshop. The morning started off slowly but the weather was beautiful and daylight savings and all that jazz. It was really busy by mid afternoon especially the print your own teshirt stall!

Check out some pics from the day

The next market day is going to be in the summer, the plan is to have the theme as music as Tom's buliding a stage there for SWN festival soon and we thought we could have a little Snapped Up music festival!

I thought i'd also tag on the end a sneak peak of my pieces for the 50/50 Affordable Art Show that's on tomorrow night in the Undertone in Cardiff from 19.30.

These are 2 that I'm quite proud of and can't wait to see them up in the show!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Aprons and Something for the weekend!!

I made a couple of aprons for my friend Kirsty, so I thought I'd share :)

Please dont judge the chaos that is my work room atm! lol!

If you're out and about in Cardiff on Sunday then come along to the Printhaus where we're running a big open day!

Event - Snapped Up Market 5

Theme – Cowboys & indians
Location -The PrintHaus Workshops, 70A Llandaff Rd, Canton, Cardiff, CF11 9NL
Date – Sunday March 25th 2012
Time - 12-6pm
Free entry
British summer time starts here, with another installment of Snapped-Up Market with a Cowboy and Indian themed activity day. All your favorite stallholders and loads of fun for all the family!
T-shirt printing - All your favorite rooting tooting designs ready to adorn a t-shirt of your choice!
Etching Press - Plenty of fun to have making cards or postcards for your loved ones!
Fabric Printing - Print your very own bandana, just make sure its not used for a stagecoach heist!
Kids Table - Big man Dan Mitchell will be hosting the Kids Table, Creating pretty much whatever he's told!
Tea, Coffee & Cake - and other refreshments will be available all day.

I'm running the print your own bandana stall which is going to be a blast!! I've made 2 different designs that people can choose from and I'm currently working on a tshirt design too! My friend James Reed has done a tee design too which you can check out here
But for now here's my designs to get you excited hehe!

Super looking forward to printing these bad boys!! Dont worry I'm gonna blog like crazy about it at the weekend!

Friday, 16 March 2012

India travels and a little robot fella

So the lack of blogging has been down to the fact that I've been away in India!! I went to the Tamil Nadu region to do some volunteering for the Safe Foundation. (If you click the link you can see the project I was working on ).

I got to do some great crafty work with local gypsy women who make amazing bead work purses and jewellery. I was sent over to try and share my crafty recycling knowledge and ended up trying to share how to create various things out of plastic bottles!

I did a little talk for a group of teachers too, so we could maybe set up a project teaching local kids about recycling!

One of the most amazing toys I think I've ever seen!!

Did enjoy a bit of intestine ripping at a roadside temple! I love the colours, everything is so sun-bleached and dusty but is really vivid.
Saw soo many elephants too!

Since I've been back I haven't had much time for making, but I did manage to squeeze this little fella out ;) for my friend Chris' birthday. I had a book given to me few years ago called Crobots and decided to take some inspiration from it but design my own! He's only about 4" tall but super cute.

I'm also feeling quite inspired and ready for spring after seeing this super kawaii little shoe display in River Island. Now those who know me, know that I ain't much of a heel wearer, but I could be convinced with either if these paired with the frilly socks! yum yum!