Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Snapped Up

Sunday was a corker! We had so much fun down at the Printhaus with the Snapped Up market. I had a stall selling some of my crafty makes, purses, jewellery and crochet plush and then also was running a small have a go printing your own bandana workshop. The morning started off slowly but the weather was beautiful and daylight savings and all that jazz. It was really busy by mid afternoon especially the print your own teshirt stall!

Check out some pics from the day

The next market day is going to be in the summer, the plan is to have the theme as music as Tom's buliding a stage there for SWN festival soon and we thought we could have a little Snapped Up music festival!

I thought i'd also tag on the end a sneak peak of my pieces for the 50/50 Affordable Art Show that's on tomorrow night in the Undertone in Cardiff from 19.30.

These are 2 that I'm quite proud of and can't wait to see them up in the show!


  1. This looks great fun-lots of colour and creativity. must try and get down to the June event

  2. You definitely should, there's always tonnes going on and its always a great atmosphere :)