Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Parcel Tape Bracelets.

Screen printers go through huge volumes of parcel tape. I collected a bundle of the cardboard inners from Visible Arts and decided to make some bangles.

I started off by Mod Podging a layer of fabric to the cardboard. It becomes quite stiff with all the glue. I smoothed down all the lumpy bits on the inside.

Using the fabric as a base, I wrapped lace around the tube to create different designs.

I used a hot glue gun to add felt to the inside of the tube. They were slightly too big on the wrist with just the fabric and lace, so I thought it would help make them a little comfier and also a better fit. I ordered a pile of different colour felt off cuts from eBay a few months ago to make felt badges so had a few colours to choose from to match in with the designs. I actually decided to make a feature of it and choose fun colours.

In case I don't get to blog again this week, Merry Christmas everybody xx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Record Bowls Ahoy!

So I've had a pile of old records for a few years now. They were given to me by an old window cleaner on the promise I would use them in a creative way. Most of them are, fortunately for me, LPs that no one will ever really take the time to listen to again. I definitely couldn't have done this to any decent records I love the sound of vinyl.

I went trawling through on-line tutorials to see what method seemed best (there are so many different ways of doing this!) and ended up going with the picture below. Big ovenproof round dish, record, small oven proof dish!!

I originally set the oven quite high as per internet instructions but quickly discovered I needed it much lower. I'm not sure if this is because we have a gas oven not an electric one. I ended up having most success at around Gas Mark 4 for about 2 minutes, then it was floppy enough to have sunk into the dish and you can play around with the shape of the folds. I don't know whether I have no feeling for heat in my hands but i was able to touch and mould the vinyl with my bare fingers; I obviously used gloves for the dishes!! I unfortunately lost the first two to playing around with temperatures; as it was too hot the edges began to bubble and looked gnarly; you can see it in the picture.

When i did get the hang of it, it was really fun to see all the different shapes that formed, each one is definitely unique.


I've popped them in the shop, I thought they'd make good Christmas prezzies.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snapped Up Dinosaur Christmas!!

Today has been the return of Snapped Up at the PrintHaus. Such a good day, it started off quite slow this morning but I guess people were just having a long lie in; don't blame them though I could really do with a relaxing morning in bed, I don't think it's gonna happen for a few weeks yet!!

I spent the day printing stockings with people and giving some tips. I love being able to skill share and these events are always a great way to introduce people to screen printing.

The design was just a big oblong on the screen, so I cut a paper stencil in the stocking shape which i taped to the back of the screen with parcel tape.

I also created a tshirt design which I donated to the PrintHaus to use. They always ask local designers to create a few designs for the day and this time had some great stuff from the likes of Phil Morgan, Ian Watson and Tom Kitchen some of the cream of the crop in Cardiff design in my opinion.

It's always a treat to see your design on a tshirt!!

I also had a stall selling a few bits and pieces selected from the shop.

I'm going to have a few more of the stockings for sale in the shop from Tuesday, so pop in and pick one up!!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Crochet Jewellery!

This week I've been working on some jewellery! As it's heading up to Christmas time I'm trying to work on the gifty things I can sell in the shop.  I created these crochet flowers with a tini tiny hook; I think it was a 2.5mm diameter. A tad on the fiddley side to make with my big fingers.

I also started on a few sea animal toy earrings! They're a fun way to recycle old toys.

The next 'Snapped Up' Market is next Sunday and I've started working on my drawings today ready to print!

If you're in Cardiff next weekend, it's always a great day with tonnes going on!