Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Little Pink Zebra

I've spent the day at CFQ doing a bit of embroidery whilst running the stall so thought I'd share. I used a piece of screen printed canvas that I'd printed in hot pink waterbased ink and embellished it with some crazy pink thread that has a gradient in the colour to it and various blues for the french knots and scallops. Will soon be up on the wall in the shop for sale!


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Love the Weekend!

Ah this weekend is definitely a good one! My gorgeous sister and family are down visiting from London, it's my friend Becca's birthday and all systems are go at CFQ!!

I had fun picking a new outfit out from my rail of clothes for my display mannequin this morning. I've gone with one of my handmade tops, a cute sailor collar and some revamped shorts! What do you think?? I know its the end of October but it's warm inside!

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to get the ol' spray paint out and re-do a frame that I've had kicking round the house for ages. It was a gordy gold and not very appealing; much better now!

I made a birthday handbag for Rebecca too! Craftster have some awesome tutorials on making things and I used this one as a guide for the bag. I cut up a beautiful old pillowcase and found some plain bright cotton for the lining.

Also at CFQ this week I revamped a lamp with a couple of pretty braids and I painted a few arrows on the door showing people the way!

Come say hello!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I came back from the shop a tad early today; leaving the lovely Alys in charge! I had good intentions of cracking the whip and getting on with some more sewing; I've sold a tonne of the revamped t-shirts into skirts that I printed onto and thought I should replenish. However when I got into my messy workroom I ended up finding these bracelets in a draw as I was tiding up (I can never work in a messy studio).

I bought them ages ago when I was teaching the small craft class in Barry as a back up for a lesson. Now is definitely the time to be finishing off all those planned but not yet done jobs! So what does a girl do with a pink glue gun, bracelets and a pile of chincy braid?

Voila, cheeky bangles!


Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Grand Opening @ CFQ!

Ah this has been a crazy, awesome weekend. I've had an amazing time and am really thankful to all my lovely friends and family that popped down to see what was going on.

Some of the guys doing the art collective Colour Doomed inside painted some amazing art on the outside, as well as Bryce from Peaceful Progress and Spike too. I'm super impressed.


We had the lovely ladies from Kitsch n Sync doing inspired walkabout performances. I even had two roller-skating dolls dressed up in my play suit and polka dot dress! There was lots of music and the place was buzzing all day, I can't wait to see how the place pans out as it settles into a routine.

Super fun! So finally here are some shots of the shoppy filled with goodies.

One or two photos I've pinched from facebook so I'd like to thank Tom and Josie. We're open everyday from 10 til 7 apart from Sundays which is 11-5.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Printing Signs and Patches

Today I have spent the whole day at the PrintHaus making fun things for the new shop!

I wanted to print a sign to go on the wall in the shop and I've been wanting to make sew on patches with some fun drawings on for ages; I was fed up with only being able to get band patches!

This is me making my film work ready to go onto my screen. I would normally print my images from the computer onto acetate so I don't have to keep drawing things over again but as the sign is so big I thought it would be easier to scale it up myself.

I can't get enough of purple at the moment so decided to print the text in a lovely rich shade that I mixed up myself. I thought it would compliment the colours of the patterned fabric that I wanted to use. I'm planning on stitching it up and finishing it in the morning so will post more pics when it's finished!

In between all this sign making I also printed a tonne of patches! As I was using waterbased inks I thought I'd take advantage of only being able to do about 4 prints before the ink started drying in the screen and change colours!

So tonight is filled with cutting them all out with the pinkin shears! Oh I lead an exciting life haha!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm on a Roll.

This week has been all about being a crafting machine! I've been sewing some new clothes (which I'll share in a later post), making more hair accessories, revamping picture frames and stitching up some new felt badges! Also as the boyf is out of work kinda at the moment I've taken on some permanent hours at the t-shirt printers I've been doing odd work for throughout the summer.

I love old tin toys from the 1950's, especially robots and spaceships, so this is my homage to the tin spaceship in felt and of course follow by a good ol' cuppa tea.

I used one of my favourite annuals to revamp a picture frame. I found a pile of old frames in the local charity shop that had lovely wide frames perfect for showing off the comic strips.

More you say! Well yes I have loads of space to fill :) I do enjoy making batches of hairclips, I've got some great ideas for some more doing something a bit different too. Watch this space.


The grand openingof CFQ is next Saturday and there's loads of things going on. There'll be music and live walkabout performances going on so if you're in the area come and say hello!