Friday, 10 August 2012

Collar Me Good

So this week it was Miss Appletini's birthday. A very good friend of mine that moved away last year to the south coast. I miss her terribly but this weekend she's back to celebrate! I'll see her tonight and as she'll be travelling today I thought I could sneak this blog post up with out her seeing her present! If you are reading this Missy then stop and wait til later!!!

She has the coolest style, a fusion of granny and punk rock! So I decided to make her a very un-rock and roll collar, so even when she has a good band tee on she can still old lady it up.

I choose a lovely blue chincy floral cotton and a green gingham for the reverse. I thought one collar two looks! I cut semi-ish circles and made the shape using my mannequin as a base.

I stitched down some vintage scalloped edge trim to the one side. This makes it easier when you're putting the whole thing together.

I added some polka dot ribbon to tie at the front and sandwiched it all together. As I was sewing curves, I pinned it to death. I'm usually quite lazy with my pinning when its straight forward sewing but it was a real necessity this time. A trick I was shown years ago when I was new to sewing was to put the pins in sideways as shown and then you can just sew straight over the top of them, the fabric will never move. The machine needle usually will get pushed to the side of the pin, although I have broken a couple of needles in the past, on the whole a useful trick!

I left a small gap about inch and a half in the back of the next to turn it the right-side round. Before turning round I snipped into the seam allowance so it would form the curves neatly. Then its just a case of ironing it all tidy!

I guess I'll find out tonight if she likes it but I have a feeling she will!

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  1. Yeah! I only just saw this so your sneaking worked! I love my granny collar, thank you once again... I'll be getting pictures of all my prizes when I'm having a more fabulous day!