Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This week.

This week has been a strange one to say the least.

We found out a dear friend had been killed in an accident in Zambia. Lucy was the most beautiful person, it sounds cliche but she really was. Lucy was a caring and generous soul who ran a charity called The Safe Foundation. If you've been following the blog for a little while you'll remember I went to their India project back in February. Luce was a one in a million and my thoughts are permanently with her twin sister and rest of the family. Our friend Emma has set up a Just Giving page so we can continue build the Safe Family in her memory. If you'd like to contribute please go here .

We disappeared off to Shambala festival for the weekend. Its a lovely arty festival with lots of hippies! My friend Grace, who I've worked with in the past on community arts projects, set us up with festival tickets in exchange for helping out with some costume workshops in the kids field. It was a beautiful distraction helping the kids make tutus/ headbands/ wings and all sorts of fun things. Its such an interesting fun interactive festival with tonnes of workshops to get involved in; I learnt to knit in an hour on Sunday!

It's set in the grounds of this beautiful house, I spent quite a bit of time chilling out by here!

So to top the strange week off it was my 30th birthday on Saturday! So ..... yeah.... 30.... just another day! I've been given some beautiful gifts but I wanted to share a few favs.
Grace made me some rad door knobs! I can't decide where they should go. Custard creams and Jammy Dodgers, my favs!!

I went and picked up my sweeeet ass parcel at the post office from Miss Appletini this morning too.

Loved the wrapping!

erm I can't work it out haha ... is it just backwards?

Super handprinted card!!

Inside was some lovely surprises!

Dinosaur erasers! Woo, I do love a good stegosaurus! As you can see below it's debatable whether I've actually turned 30!

An amazing Hectopus felt pin badge that matches the card and a really cool cross stitched bookmark! I'm notorious for turning down pages so I can whip this bad boi out instead now! She's a delight ain't she!

And the best bit are these incredible trousers! They fit just right thank yooou!
Ha we totally need to paint the skirting board, oops!

The boyfriend's mum gave me a gorgeous bracelet too.

So as you can see I've been spoilt rotten! Thank you lovelies.
I'm working on a personal swap wit someone in America and lots more cushions for Droneboy and Who? so plenty to keep me distracted and busy for the next week. Love you all x


  1. Ahh that picture of you with the dinos is too perfect!

    That's nuts about Lucy, I only met her once I think but she was lovely, hope you guys are OK xxx

  2. This is strangely weird. Not sure how to describe it. Over the summer holiday I got into sewing as I have 2 beautiful daughters and would love to be able to make things for them. My eldest started school on Tuesday. I came across your blog after searching for crafts, dressmakers blog and liked the look of the fabric on your last blog. Continued to read further and came across this blog.

    I personally don't know Lucy but my husband went to school with her in Cardiff and we were at her funeral on Thursday. It was the most beautiful send off I ever experienced.

    My thoughts are with you, her family and all her friends. I personally lost my brother 7 years ago and Thursday brought back many memories as he was only 28.
    love your blog. x

    1. What a strange coincidence or the 6 degrees of Miss Dickenson. Thanks for leaving a message. Your husband probably knows my boyfriend as well then, as he went to school with the twins too and played in the band with them.
      You're right that was the most beautiful send off I've experienced too and I was honoured to have been a part of it. Lucy's going to leave such a huge hole in our lives and I miss her terribly. I hope you're ok, I've not experienced much loss in my life so far and its scary.
      You'll have to share what you're making for your daughters, I'd love to see. I'm glad if I've inspired you x

  3. amazing gifties, LOVE the kitty wrap! of course you dont understand what it says coz you aint a kitty!!! also, I bought some trousers today and instantly thought of you. wasnt sure if they were really your style, but guess what. they're only virtually the same as those ones you just pictured! great minds eh! xxxx

  4. ps I apologise for any future blog-based stalking. (It will happen.)