Wednesday, 8 August 2012

State Funeral Patch

So my boyfriend and my brother play in a band together. They're called State Funeral and have recently recorded their first e.p. - you can listen to a few tracks here. To go along with the record, I was asked to screen print a load of patches - well 500 patches to be precise!

My boyfriend did come and lend a hand, cutting everything out and putting things through the dryer for me. It was one of those days tho to be honest - I ended up making the stencil on the screen up 3 times! So finally got printing hours behind schedule (I always plan how long things are going to take in my head first - I guess its a freelance thing, trying to price up time!) It was a fun day anyway as lots of familiar faces were down the PrintHaus doing various things too.

I ended up having to go over the font with a Posca pen to thicken up the lines a bit; one of the reasons for multiple screen making. Posca pens are really handy for screen printing, they're felt nibbed pens that are filled with acrylic paint which is opaque, you definitely need these for exposing with photo emulsion. The photo below is me washing the screen out after I'd exposed it.

I set up the screen on the printing carousel rather than the fabric length table. I had planned ahead and managed to pick up some really lovely black canvas for cheap from eBay. We cut the fabric up into 35x45cm pieces and printed 12 patches at a time. Seemed to go quite quick once we finally got started!

Although we lost a bit of the finer details, I think they look like decent punk rock patches! All we have left to do now is cut them up individually but I might phone my bro for help with that......


  1. Looks awesome! And 500 is a lot yikes! But at least it was only one color. =)

    1. Once I got printing it was really fast, it was more of a ball ache cutting the fabric up! He took me out for dinner to say thanks afterwards so all good lol.