Sunday, 9 September 2012

Elbow Patches, Cushions and more!

I thought I'd share some photos from the past week or two so you can see all the different things I've been doing!

Elbow patches and vintage dress repairs for Broken Girls Club

A huge pile of screen printed plushy cushions for Who? clothing

Some more for Droneboy Laundry too

Another of my Dahlias that I've grown from a bulb finally showed its beautiful colours this week. The sunshine's been all over the place so we have a few late bloomers! I spent Friday sat in the garden working on some embroidery and soaking in the atmosphere. The garden is full of spiders and I even had a visit from a dragonfly!

We had a big gathering at Porthkerry Park in Barry after Lucy's funeral on Thursday, a few of us helped set up the gazebos in the morning and I made a pile of tissue paper flowers, bunting and bows to decorate the place. It felt like a mini festival as friends played music too.

Love to you all everywhere, enjoy your crafting!!


  1. you are such a clever bean making those cushions! your dahlias are so beautiful, I've heard their hard to grow so never been brave enough! But next year I shall, in accordance with no.10 of Lucy's list :D (Growing flowers might not seem very brave but I'm really very wimpy...) xxxxx

    1. the dahlia's i was really surprised they flowered considering the weather we had - theyd been snail attacked early on aswell!