Friday, 7 September 2012

Ironing Time!

Sorry I haven't blogged for ages but my clumsy side took over last week and I managed to drop my laptop =(  lame! I snapped the pin that the charger goes into so had to take it to the computer man to fix!

I have been crafting silently in the background though. Its been therapeutic making lots of things ready for our friend Lucy's send off which was yesterday. I will blog again later and show off all the things we made for that; this post in the mean time is dedicated to ironing and how the only things that get ironed in our house are the things I'm making!

I managed to put a hole through the board cover with my sharp fabric scissors a while ago and it's just got progressively worst over the past month or so. So I finally gave in and took some time to make a fresh one. It took no time at all in fact.

I was given tonnes of this great children's bedding fabric a few weeks ago and have been eyeing it up in my box of fabric ever since. The style of the print seemed to lend itself well to a cheeky board cover. I started off by taking the old one off the board and using it as a template for the new one.

I was a tad naughty and just cut straight around it rather than drawing it first. Cocky pattern cutting some might say but in reality I always cut corners when I'm making something for myself. It's different when I'm doing a job for someone else, I guess I know what little mistakes I can live with whereas I have more pride I guess in making things for others.

The next step was to cut some padding to go under the fabric, you need a well cushioned board haha! I had a pile of curtain interlining that was perfect and overlocked the two together. I was good this time and did pin it so it wouldn't move!

I stitched elastic all the way around, apart from the top straight edge to hold it down to the board. I think I might add some ribbon ties at a later date but it seems to be staying in place for now!



  1. this is so clever!! silly me for buying a new one recently and a cath kidston one of all things, I'm such a sucker! I imagine ironing over the faces of the creepy kids is slightly satisfying... ;)