Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Parcel Tape Bracelets.

Screen printers go through huge volumes of parcel tape. I collected a bundle of the cardboard inners from Visible Arts and decided to make some bangles.

I started off by Mod Podging a layer of fabric to the cardboard. It becomes quite stiff with all the glue. I smoothed down all the lumpy bits on the inside.

Using the fabric as a base, I wrapped lace around the tube to create different designs.

I used a hot glue gun to add felt to the inside of the tube. They were slightly too big on the wrist with just the fabric and lace, so I thought it would help make them a little comfier and also a better fit. I ordered a pile of different colour felt off cuts from eBay a few months ago to make felt badges so had a few colours to choose from to match in with the designs. I actually decided to make a feature of it and choose fun colours.

In case I don't get to blog again this week, Merry Christmas everybody xx

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