Thursday, 13 December 2012

Record Bowls Ahoy!

So I've had a pile of old records for a few years now. They were given to me by an old window cleaner on the promise I would use them in a creative way. Most of them are, fortunately for me, LPs that no one will ever really take the time to listen to again. I definitely couldn't have done this to any decent records I love the sound of vinyl.

I went trawling through on-line tutorials to see what method seemed best (there are so many different ways of doing this!) and ended up going with the picture below. Big ovenproof round dish, record, small oven proof dish!!

I originally set the oven quite high as per internet instructions but quickly discovered I needed it much lower. I'm not sure if this is because we have a gas oven not an electric one. I ended up having most success at around Gas Mark 4 for about 2 minutes, then it was floppy enough to have sunk into the dish and you can play around with the shape of the folds. I don't know whether I have no feeling for heat in my hands but i was able to touch and mould the vinyl with my bare fingers; I obviously used gloves for the dishes!! I unfortunately lost the first two to playing around with temperatures; as it was too hot the edges began to bubble and looked gnarly; you can see it in the picture.

When i did get the hang of it, it was really fun to see all the different shapes that formed, each one is definitely unique.


I've popped them in the shop, I thought they'd make good Christmas prezzies.


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  1. Oh fun! I've always wanted to try these. They look neat and seem easy. I'd bet they'd be cute for displaying some of your other crafty items too :).