Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sew Along!

So on a Monday night I run a sewing group at the PrintHaus guiding beginner seamstresses through the steps of how to make items of clothing from paper dressmaking patterns. It's a 5 week course made up of 2 hour sessions and is quite informal and fun. We've just come to the end of the latest block and I always feel a little sad but eager to sign up another bunch of lovely people to come learn a new skill.

Its definitely a great sense of achievement to be able to make and wear your own clothes especially when you get positive comments on them! I have a couple of people who keep coming back to the class which is great as I get to see their progression and how well I'm doing with my skill sharing too!

So if you live in Cardiff, have a sewing machine you're intimidated by and can commit to 5 Monday nights at a reasonable price send me an email for more details!

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