Thursday, 21 March 2013

Recycled Fabric Scrap Earrings

I've been meaning for ages to make some more cover button earrings but just keep forgettting to go actually pick up some cover buttons whenever I'm at the habberdashery shop. So instead I decided to get my recycling hat on and made a few using some cardboard and small scrappy bits of felt and fabric I had lying round.

I started off by cutting out a pile of cardboard disks and then sticking a disk of felt to one side of it to give them a plusher feel.

I dug out my enourmous bag of scraps and found a few different fabrics that had sweet small patterns on them, there's no point using anything with too large a print as it will just get lost. I drew around the disks and added an extra cm to the radius so the fabric disks were about twice the size of the cardboard.

Then using a running stitch I gathered up the fabric and popped the cardboard disk inside.

Hmm not so impressed with the neatness of my felt cutting here, think its time for some new sharp little scissors! As you can probably tell, I've glued down a disk of felt to hold the gathered fabric in place and then another to hold the earring post in place too.

I do think they work quite well as a cover button substitute, and will definitely be trying some more - maybe even some different shapes.What do you all think then??

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