Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A few dresses for the summer

Ah the sun is shining so I've been busy in the garden and not writing any blog posts it seems! 

I had a crazy busy 2 weeks to be honest. It was my boyfriend's birthday so we popped up to London to go visit the Lichtenstein exhibition in Tate modern. He's been a favourite of mine since I was a kid, such easily accessible imagery and bold colours. The exhibition completely blew me away, especially his early work when he was drilling holes into metal plates to make all those dots! 

This weekend I also took part in the Big Lunch event - 'What are you bringing to the table'. I ran an all day workshop where you could come and make your own woven placemats and coasters out of old magazines and comics. It was crazy busy and we met loads of fun people and made tonnes of placemats! I'm waiting on my friend Mike to send me all the pictures from that day, so there will soon be a post so you can see what we were up to.

In the mean time here are a pile of dresses I've made recently for the shop using old duvet covers and vintage sheets. Oh just ready for festival season!!



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  1. These are great! I especially love the Superman and Star Wars ones ^_^ I wish I could find such awesome vintage linen over here! ^_^