Thursday, 25 April 2013

Uom papa Jum papa...

So I've been reading an awesome book this week ( Glamorama- Brett Easton Ellis) so much of my crafting time has gone out the window. I've read most of his work and he always does this to me!

I did however manage to knock up a huge pile of new jumpers at the beginning of the week that I can share with you. A screen print/ applique mash up! I've screen printed onto a few vintage pillowcases and sheets; love the mix of patterns, and then stitiched them to the jumpers. Uber fun!



There are also a very limited number of hoodies too!!

I've just dropped all these bad boys off to the shop in the Fashion Quarter but will be adding a few to the online folksy shop the begining on next week too! Watch this space!


  1. oh they are lovely! may have to get one....

  2. Those jumpers are so clever, I specially love the first one with the clouds!