Saturday, 21 July 2012

cushions for who?

I was asked, after making the traffic cone cushions for Droneboy Laundry, to make some for Who? clothing. I still haven't met Scott, but I like the simplicity of the logo and the site has some fun stuff for the boys! Its a skate lifestyle brand that's relatively new but have loads of different styles of tees and hoods etc already listed on there shop page. I especially like the tie-dye tee! Anyhoo back to the sewing!

I've recently been given a lovely pile of screens from my good friend Kate, I don't think she realises quite how much of an amazing gift she's given me but I'm super grateful.

Scott had said he wanted the cushions quite large so I made up a screen with the image about 70cm long. Here's the film work in the exposure unit just waiting for my screen to dry!

Just after you expose the screen you have to wash out the unexposed emulsion so it doesn't set in the screen. Then let it dry and boom you're ready to go!

Unfortunately my camera was playing up and I deleted the cutting out and printing photos. Oops but here you can see me putting the things together! Curved edges are the one thing I do pin to death, I can be quite lazy with the ol' pinning usually, but a mega curve like this you can't not, it just won't fit.

Once you've sewn it up make sure you notch around the seam so it won't pull on the stitches when you turn it inside out.

Then you can stuff the monster! The golden rule is to cram in as much stuffing as you can, a limp under stuffed plush always looks lame haha.

Lots of stuffing!

They're fun to make although a little long winded but I'm pleased with how they've come out. Good bold design helps :) nice one Scott.

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