Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Very Early Birthday Present and some Embroidery.

My friend Charlotte had posted a link to a beautiful sewing machine and I had lusty thoughts at once. As it's a big *cough* birthday next month my lovely boyfriend has been an absolute star and has bought it for me! It turned up Thursday and it's just as beautiful in person!

Please meet the Singer 160!

This is what the Singer website says ....
"Timeless Style and Modern Innovation. Introducing The SINGER 160™ limited edition sewing machine. Created to commemorate the SINGER® brand’s 160 year anniversary by taking design cues from the past while introducing our simplest and most easy to use machine available"

So far I've found it a graceful machine to use, it purrs along and I'm enjoying using it. The main thing I like is that there is an automatic tension setting and also a large bed so I'll be able to sew bigger things with far more ease. Top loading bobbin, my Janome has the same and I love it as a feature, saves so much time when threading up. It has an auto threading feature but i don't really need to use it.

There's a pop out draw in the end of the base which is quite novel, although its just one big space so I might have to make some dividers to keep my bobbins separate. Kinda feels like I'm gonna break it when I open it, but that's just me I think! New machine nerves ha ha

The big base slides off easily; there's a release button on the back. This is so I can sew sleeves and trouser hem's.

Sorry for the poor photo but I wanted to show you how cool the LED looks :) really easy to select the different stitch types and there are two different button hole options I can use.

Here's a selection of some of the stitches :) I think I'm gonna be using the scalloped edge on some collars and borders very soon! I also really like the wiggly lines and stars. There's a blind hem stitch and foot as well that's really useful.

Its a large beast of a machine (in a good way) and I'm very impressed with it. Thank you Thom!

I've had my Janome since I was 21. My Grandma bought it for me and I've nevr looked back. I'm definitely keeping it for my back up and talking out and about machine. It could do with a slight tune up but a good solid machine and my overlocker's great too. At the moment i feel like i'm cheating on it, haha sewing machine guilt.... we've just been through so much together!

Anyway hopefully I haven't bored you with all that jibber jabber. So here's a hoopla I've worked on this week. I've used a mixture of screen print and embroidery. Stitch wise I've used a split stitch on the shuttle, french knots for craters on the moon and some satin stitches.

Oh and today is a very good day as the cat we thought was sat on the kitchen table this morning after 4 1/2 weeks of walkabout! Go Zorro!

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  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL beast of a machine! I'm soo jealous! I wonder if I can persuade anyone I know to buy me one too! Lovely hoop too!