Sunday, 1 July 2012

I finally kinda have a day off... but not really!

This has been a busy action packed week and now I'm exhausted. Started off on Monday with a stall at the Buffalo Mini Mart in Cardiff that was fun.

This was me sorting out my rail of things to sell beforehand!

I also made a few new tote bags to sell at the fair. Here's a couple of my favourites.

I'd printed a pile of bags when I was printing on the skirts etc on Sunday and then finished them off with the lace on Monday. Here are a few pics I took when at the PrintHaus.

The rest of the week has been a couple of days sorting tshirts at Visible Arts and then preparing for the One Planet Living Festival. I finished the flags (I'm waiting on photos to put up) and made some more bunting for Becca.

15 metres later... haha! ooh and fixing new zips in vintage dresses for a shop in town.

So then yesterday was the big day and it was awesome! Loads of people milling around which is great. I was running a little workshop making wallets or purses out of woven paper. I'd picked up a pile of old annuals from a carboot and we used those and a mixture of magazines to make them from. Spot the Beano in there!!

I used gaffer tape to edge them and keep them together, this one's white but I did indulge and bought a host of colours for everyone to use!

Jude and Nigel from the PrintHaus had the stall next to me so I had a great view of my designs getting printed. The kids were loving my cat on a bike design!

Dan's niece looks like a happy customer :) thanks for the picture!

My other design too!

Go Gavin!!

So today I am taking it easy(ish) after the mamouth washing up pile, I admit the house worked slipped this week haha and I ended up with a Daisy from Spaced in the kitchen moment of horror!
I've started putting some fabric in hoops that I'm going to embroider into, sneak peak -

The top one is just a pretty Ikea fabric I like but the bottom one is one of my screen prints.....oooooooh! So now I'm sat back in bed watching Grey's Anatomy and doing a bit of stitching with the cat curled up next to me. Thom (my yummy Mr) is off recording music with the band he's in with my brother; can't wait to here it later! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday Afternoon too x


  1. I love all your prints! Exciting to see you stitching on one of them too. I've been meaning to try that.

    1. thanks! ive spent all of yesterday and this evening working on it! its sloooow going but im really enjoying it :)

  2. Love the totes, especially the zebras!

  3. yay they're totes my favourite too (sorry that was lame)! i cant decide if i like the yellow with the grey lace or the blue with the peach! its one of those i want to keep them but know i should sell them moments :) how's the dole life?