Friday, 18 January 2013

Happy New Year Work in Progress.

I've been struggling to get back into writing a blog post since the whole Christmas/ New Year tide but today in South Wales we have crazy snow and I am off work so thought I shouldn't waste any more time and get on with it!
I wanted to post about a beautiful embroidered cushion that I made before Christmas but eek my boyfriend managed to delete the photos accidentally from the memory card. Boooo! Hopefully the lovely Lucy (who received said pillow for Crimbo) will be kind enough to send me some photos and then I can share!

I do have a whole host of other bits and pieces I've been working on that I can just bamboozle you all with in the mean time. I'm in a phase of working on a few different things at the moment and not all are finished yet so bear with me and I'll explain all!

Record Bowls! 
Yes I have been making tonnes more bowls! They're the new sensation - I'm selling loads from the shop at the moment, even after the Christmas gift buying days are long gone. I was given a pile of warped 7"s so have been making miniature ones as well and playing round with different wave forms for the edges.

I've also been trying my hand at a new technique of making jewellery, well new to me - I am very aware that it's been around for ages and I'm slow to catch on here haha. Ah it is super cool being able to create pieces with my own drawings and for future ones I'm planing on screen printing onto the plastic instead of hand drawing everyone with permanent markers. I'm also in love with how small they go, great potential there! I will do a full length post on this once I've finished them all and created the final pieces.

Felty Badges and Necklaces too!
I've been stitching up some more little felt creations which has been fun. I've been making lots of little bits and pieces whilst idling the time away in the shop. Mr Foxy and Mr Panda were turned into necklaces which look really sweet. I attached jump rings to their ears and then onto the chain. They've already disappeared out of the shop with a lovely young gent buying gifts for his travelling friends; I hope they like them.

Hmm I'm thinking I may end it there for today and pick back up with another post over the weekend! Keep you waiting for the even better stuff haha. 
Here's to a crafty 2013 x

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  1. Mr f and mr b! I am in love! U are a clever thing. Course i can send u some pics, txt me your email, its become my "lucky pillow" as apparently one is supposed to elevate ones hips with a cushion after performing the act of baby making to help the little swimmers swim the right way! haha, hopefully that wasnt too much info and hopefully it lives up to its name! Unicorn power! Xxx