Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cacti in the Snow....

So on Friday we awoke to an almighty dump of snow. My friend Grace is currently staying with us from London and she'd asked the night before if she thought it would be a problem going to work the next day and I'd been so sure of myself when I told her we were too close to the coast for it to be a problem; more likely just get slush and freezing rain here! Oh how I gleefully ate my words! This was our view at 7am that morning!

Grace was a good girl and missioned it into work.I however had the day off to play with Thom and run around the fields at the end of the road :)

After we returned in from our play time I felt inspired to crochet; so I made a few cacti!

I'd spotted a pile of old pots in the garden so after I washed them all out I set to fill them with fun easy to maintain greenery.

This one i made by crocheting an oblong of ribbed by only going into the back loops and then used a running stitch to gather it in at the top. The others I created by crocheting in the round and then stitching the blobs together. I'm enjoying the fact that there are endless possibilities!

Unfortunately for now I'm not very well and am feeling very frustrated at my body for being weak and pitiful. I've had to turn the brightness on my laptop screen down to one to be even able to squint at it! Meh!! I do have Zorro keeping me company though.

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