Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Printing Day!!

So today was printing day!! I haven't had time to have a full day down at the PrintHaus in ages so made time to spend as much time as possible there today!

I started the morning cleaning up a few old messy screens and then exposed a zebra repeat onto a fresh one!

I've printed this design before but the cushions that I made form the fabric sold straight away so it only made sense to make some more! I used a waterbased ink first in a dark bluey green and then I messed about with mixing colours together - I went for a classic pink and purple combo. I think i need to make more of a gradient of the colour next time though.

I'd also put my favourite lion design on a screen before Christmas and still hadn't got around to using it so went to town printing loads of pieces in different colours.


I also took the opportunity to print on a pile of pashmina's that I'd picked up from eBay last week.


Ah I am now exhausted after a long day but feeling good. I can't wait for my next printing session, I'm definitely going to make sure its soon! 


  1. I think printing is so clever, I'd love to learn to do it one day! I love the pashminas!

  2. Sooz! If you ever fancy a trip to Cardiff I'd be more than happy to show you x

  3. So neat to see the process and fancy machines :)!! Thanks for sharing.