Monday, 1 April 2013

Bank Holiday Handbag Making

Ah Easter Monday, two days off in a row so of course I have itchy sewing fingers!  We had a lovely relaxing day yesterday with lots of lazing round watching films and then eating tasty food round at Ma and Pa's with a full house of family. Today however I was feeling inspired to make something new. 

I don't know about you but I spend a lot of time perusing through pretty things on pinterest. I keep seeing lots of things that inspire me to make stuff and today I followed through on my vision.

I'd seen a lovely example of a folded over clutch-esque thing.

I'd picked up a beautiful green leather offcut the last time I was at recreate picking up things for a class I was teaching and knew that if it lived in the stash pile it would one day get used for something fun ;)

I picked a few complimentary fabrics and a contrast zip and spent this morning sewing away. I started off by adding a heart applique using a sweet pink and red polka dot fabric.

I then overlocked all the edges of the fabrics that would fray as i wanted it to be quite hard waring.

I added a top stitch to the zipper seams to give them added strength. I find it means that the fabric doesn't catch in the zip when you're using it too.

I used a magnetic snap to keep the bag folded over  when closed


As I was stitching around the outside layers I also added a loop on each side so I could attach a handle. I have a huge reel of gold chain and thought that it complimented the green of the leather quite well.

I quite like the black and white gingham lining.

There are definitely a few tweaks I'm planning when I make some more but for now I really can't decide whether to keep this one for myself or to put it in the shop......

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  1. What a sweet bag! I think using the chain for the handle is a great touch. I'm sure these will sell like hot cakes when you put them in your shop.