Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chairs @ the Printhaus

Today I have been at the PrintHaus, a great screen printing workshop/studio space based in Canton, Cardiff. I've been a member there for nearly a year now and am so grateful for the place. Having a place where I can go screen print anytime of the day or night is amazing! I love being able to give back to an organisation like this that is non-profit but brings such a wealth of experience and equiptment to the community. I've been putting some new designs on screens today, I'm going back to print tomorrow so will do another post for you showing all the goodies over the weekend! For now I just wanted to share a joint project that myself and my friend Kirsty Patrick worked on late last year for the PrintHaus.  Jude (who mostly runs the place) had told us of a few chairs that needed restoring, so we stepped up and went ahead. Kirsty is an amazing furniture upcycler/ restorer, check out her work here.

Anyways this is what we came up with, obvs Kirsty did all the hard work and I just printed the fabric ;) but I love collaborating with other talent artist and this was a fun project.

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