Saturday, 5 May 2012

Amazing Gifts

You always meet such a wide variety of amazing people when you do stalls at craft fairs. You don't always get amazing people like my new buddy Val who give you piles of stuff! Val's mother had been a serious dressmaker and knitter and having passed away not too long ago, she was left with all her craft stuff. Thankfully I have been the lucky receiver of all the amazing things her mother collected over the years!

A whole vintage suitcase full of vintage 50's/60's/70's dress patterns. Most are still in a fantastic condition and there are some great styles!
A sewing tin full of vintage tape measures, lots of needles and pins, tailors chalk and a tracing wheel and more hooks and eyes than I could possibly ever use in my life time!
Two whole buttons tins, I was fizzing over the top of the glass when I found these bad boys! There was also another carrier bag full of buttons that she'd sorted into colour and design!
And a whole another vintage suitcase filled with trimmings, bias binding, ribbons and zips! Talk about 7th heaven! I'd asked Val if she wanted the suitcases back but her reply was to chuck them down the tip!! I don't think she realises I've got quite a collection of vintage suitcases and vanity cases and these two are just as good as the contents hehe.


  1. Jealous doesn't even come close! You lucky lady!

  2. Indeed! I don't know where to start with it all :)