Saturday, 26 May 2012

Felt Badges, An Exhibition and Some Summer Day Gardening

This week has been intense, long but fun! I've been working lots and out most evenings which is unusual for me (I enjoy a peaceful evening in  these days hehe). On Tuesday I ran my little craft group and we made felt badges.I've been hanging round on a lot recently and they're quite obsessed with them so I thought I'd try my hand.

After an awesome weekend spent with my BFF Miss Appletinitiny I was inspired to make an apple! Of course I had to make a little toadstool too :) I think I'm gonna make a few to give to nice people. On Wednesday I went with my friend Chris to see Iron Sky a crazy b-movie about nazis from the dark side of the moon! It was funny in parts but not as good as I'd hoped unfortunately. I love a good b-movie new or old.
On Friday I'd dropped off a piece of work to The Gate where they're putting on an Open Exhibition for the next two weeks in the foyer. I choose to put in a piece I'd made for the 50/50 show a few months ago. It's a favourite of mine called 'Up and Away' :)

Today it has been heat wave hot! Yesterday I was stuck in a ware house packing boxes and sewing labels :(

So Today was garden day, I armed my self with my nifty anti hayfever trick of smearing vaseline round my nostrils and eyes (it works so well) and started planting up all the flower I had. some of my bulbs are staring to come through too; I can't wait to see what they look like!

Here's a peak at how it looks!

I've started spray painting the old garden furniture. I've used two different shades of blue. Its my first go at it and it's really fun. My friend Sophie from the Printhaus does a lot of work using the medium (but it's so versatile) and she let me buy a few cans out of her stash. I need to finish the legs of the table, I was going to do the the darker blue like the two smaller chairs. The top of it is the lighter turquoise, it's just so nice and summery :).

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