Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Broken Girls Club

For the past few weeks I've been doing some sewing work for Hollie from Broken Girls Club. It's a fun label that she's put together that has a right mix of gear. I met Holllie when I did a small sewing job for her through the tshirt printing company I sometimes work for. She got in touch and I ended up customising some tshirts for her.

Since then I've constantly had some of her work on the go! She gave me a pile of cut off denim shorts with pinned on bits of fabric which looked like an exciting prospect and this is the result!! I'm quite inspired to get the old tye dye out tbh.

 I hope they sell well on her site, they're super fun to customise!

The past week I've been on a dress making kick. One evening Hollie popped over and had a good rumage through the pile of vintage patterns that I have in that suitcase. She chose an awesome design and I got to make one of the prettiest dresses ever!! hehe

She's left a bin bag full of curtains to make lots more in the same design. I'll take photos as I do them and of course share with you guys!


  1. That dress is gorgeous, I love the fabic, very Maria Von Trapp (which is a good thing in my book!)

    1. Indeed SoM was a staple in our house. A few years ago I went to see 'Singalong A Sound of Music' with my mum and sister - I made us clothes out of curtains for our fancy dress...... maybe too much info.... hehe!