Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Present Day!!! I wouldn't bother if you like Fern Cotton tho...

I didn't think I'd have time to fit in a post today but I had to share some sweet gifts that Mr Postie dropped off today.

First was a parcel from the lovely Miss Appletini... eep

She made the flower button hair clip with some lovely flamingo fabric, she'll have to let me know where its from- I've always wanted a flamingo dress! Also looks like she's finally using the badge making machine which is super cool! The zine is an old one she wrote that I have been dying to get my hands on; it has a funny review of my boyfriends old band. Don't get me started on Fern Cotton but we all love a good Bill Hicks sticker and pin haha.

Some may call this scandalous haha. I especially like Pluto.

Awesome mix CD!

Mr Postie also brought my pay it forward gift from the dearest Lulu. Bless her I do love decorated envelopes too! I forgot to take a pic of Appletini's stickered envelope but Lulu did an awesome job too :)

The lip balm is delish, not that I've been eating it, I'm not 5!

Can't wait to get my pass it on packages out next week! There's still one space left on the post if anyone wants to join in.


  1. The flamingo fabric was reclaimed / recycled! But I've seen some dresses around with the same / a similar print funnily enough.