Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm on a Roll.

This week has been all about being a crafting machine! I've been sewing some new clothes (which I'll share in a later post), making more hair accessories, revamping picture frames and stitching up some new felt badges! Also as the boyf is out of work kinda at the moment I've taken on some permanent hours at the t-shirt printers I've been doing odd work for throughout the summer.

I love old tin toys from the 1950's, especially robots and spaceships, so this is my homage to the tin spaceship in felt and of course follow by a good ol' cuppa tea.

I used one of my favourite annuals to revamp a picture frame. I found a pile of old frames in the local charity shop that had lovely wide frames perfect for showing off the comic strips.

More you say! Well yes I have loads of space to fill :) I do enjoy making batches of hairclips, I've got some great ideas for some more doing something a bit different too. Watch this space.


The grand openingof CFQ is next Saturday and there's loads of things going on. There'll be music and live walkabout performances going on so if you're in the area come and say hello!


  1. I love the button hair clips, they're really cute. Looks like you've been a busy bee...hope your stall's going well!

    1. Ah thanks Sooz! If you ever fancy a trip to Cardiff do pop in and say hello :)