Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Grand Opening @ CFQ!

Ah this has been a crazy, awesome weekend. I've had an amazing time and am really thankful to all my lovely friends and family that popped down to see what was going on.

Some of the guys doing the art collective Colour Doomed inside painted some amazing art on the outside, as well as Bryce from Peaceful Progress and Spike too. I'm super impressed.


We had the lovely ladies from Kitsch n Sync doing inspired walkabout performances. I even had two roller-skating dolls dressed up in my play suit and polka dot dress! There was lots of music and the place was buzzing all day, I can't wait to see how the place pans out as it settles into a routine.

Super fun! So finally here are some shots of the shoppy filled with goodies.

One or two photos I've pinched from facebook so I'd like to thank Tom and Josie. We're open everyday from 10 til 7 apart from Sundays which is 11-5.


  1. Congratulations!! Looks like a fun day and a great place to do some shopping! Wish I was closer :).

  2. Looks awesome, I can't wait to see it in real life! x