Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Stockings and Printing in the Dark!!

Carrying on from the Christmas baubles I've been making I whipped up a few stockings. It's funny I feel rather odd making holiday decorations when its totally still November but its not like my house is decorated! Naturally these aren't the most over the top, festive things I could have dreamt up but I'm going with an alternative Christmas and sticking with it haha!!

Last week i managed to get a few things printed. It's definitely fun trying to keep up with keeping the shop stocked! I had a dress that my sister bought me that I thought could do with a revamp. Also a cute cotton skirt that benefited from adding a few Zebras.

I also printed up a few pashminas and smaller scarves too. I've made myself one too. They're super cosy. I used a waterbased ink so the print sits in the fabric rather than on top as with oil based inks which lends for a softer scarf, you definitely wouldn't want to snuggle into a plastisol print!

I found a few pictures on my phone from when I was printing, it was an interesting afternoon as half of the strip lights in the workshop were out. Good lighting is so helpful when trying to mix colours and line up prints!


Ah I've been super busy this week and have so much more to share! Its been a struggle trying to find time to blog about it but hopefully I can fill you in on the new stuff over the weekend.

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