Friday, 2 November 2012

Cushion the Blow

A good seller in the shop this week has been cushions that I've stitched up with my screen prints on. For me this is great as I'm getting my art work straight into peoples homes and keeping them comfy too haha. I had a good day of sewing yesterday so here are a few more I've made and some cheeky extra bits.

The Zebra repeat is a one off print I created about a year ago and I've been wondering what to do with the fabric for ages. I'd made the screen for a PrintHaus open day and had made a cushion for my friend Neil using a similar effect. It's so simple to do as you just line up the diferent colour inks on either side of the screen and pull them across with the squeegee at the same time. It creates a blend of the shades in the middle. I went for the classic pink and purple and cacked the pillow with a pink polka dot!

I made a space print cushion for our living room when I moved in with the boy and love it so thought I would make some up for others to enjoy too as it always gets compliments ;) It's backed with a cyan blue fabric with black polka dots, I'm loving spots haha! The main print is navy and has a light blue pixilated cloudy pattern underneath. Hmm I did make a couple of musical cushions on the pink polka dot fabric with trumpets and guitars from the last Snapped Up open day but forgot to take pictures! Will have to grab some tomorrow before we open.

Ah I'm glad I did manage to grab a photo of the jean's I revamped with some heart shaped knee patches and also a printed patch to the back pocket. Eep it's cool to say this -they're available in the shop!!


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