Thursday, 8 November 2012

Yarn Bombing and Crimbo Decorations!

This week has flown by. It's been fun working in the shop and I've been making things whilst I've been sat at my desk too!

There's an awful tan coloured staircase in my space at CFQ so I decided to yarn bomb it to jazz it up. I'd seen a picture on line of a bike rack being eaten by a yarn bomb snake and it was amazing, so huge and dramatic, so I decided to homage it on a smaller scale and crochet up a beast of my own.

I used mainly treble stitch (UK crochet stitch) as the fabric would grow much quicker. It was a flat piece that I stitched up onto the banaster then I added some toy eyes to finish him off. He has cheered up the place this week :)

I've spent the past few days working on some Christmas decorations to sell in the shop! I made a few from felt and thread, creating traditional bauble shapes but with fun colours. I stitched down each layer and then blanket stitched a backing in a contrasting colour.


Earlier in the week I started re-vamping a denim jacket. I'm thinking of adding some studs to the colour tips too. The Singer is really great with heavy weight fabrics and denims. Love it!

Our lovely friend Dani has just dropped off a couple of knitting machines and a pile of wool so I have some interesting crafting fun coming up! Hopefully I'll have some sample pieces to share soon. If I find any good you Tube tutorials on how to use the beast then I'll post them up too.


  1. I LOVE your snake-bomb! He's so funny! Can I steal your idea make one for the railings that go up all the stairs in my flat?!

  2. Great yarn bomb!! That snake is so fun. Cute ornaments too - I love that they are non-traditional holiday colors.

  3. Sooz- you should totally make one, unfortunately not my original idea anyway!! Thanks for the loving tho :)