Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mr Peng and a Sign...

It was my friend Kirsty's birthday last week and she's absolutely obsessed with penguins. So I pulled out the ol crochet hook and made this little fella for her. 

She says she's gonna make him a little pipe cleaner cane. 

I also painted up a wooden pallet for the shop so we can display our opening hours on the outside of the building. A helpful addition I hope!

I used charcoal on the back of computer print outs of the letters to transfer the outlines to the wood and then painted them in with regular acrylics. I then outlined all the letters in black and then white to make them 'pop'. My lovely dad let me use his garage workshop as I totally do not have room to be doing this in my craft room!

To seal it and make it weather tight I coated it in 3 layers of varnish. Took forever as you have to leave 16 hours in between coats but definitely worth it. For the back I used teak oil to preserve it as I didn't want to waste all my varnish and it works well looking after outside furniture.

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