Saturday, 2 June 2012

Totes Galore.

I've spent the past week up to my neck with work and hay fever. I swear I'm queen of last minute random stuff. This week I was approached by Dave from Droneboy Laundry as he is opening a new 'pop up shop' for the next six weeks in Castle Arcade in Cardiff. He asked me to make 'Droneboy' cushions for a bench/seating area in the shop and also if I'd like to also sell some of my own work in there! Of course I couldn't turn down an opportunity like that, so got on doing some crazy hours sewing my little sneezy socks off.

The droneboy character is a traffic cone with trainers in its simplest form so I made some plush cushions!

I haven't properly restocked my sellables box since the last fair I did so I decided the easiest thing to do was to use up some of the plain shopping bags I'd bought and print some of my more recent designs. The balloon screen worked really well compositionally on the bag but I do love the intense pattern of the carousel horse repeat.

Here's the collection that I've taken down to the 'Lo Coal Storerooom' . I've also dropped down a jar of eyeballs and another filled with severed zombie fingers! Today I'm working on some more felt badges to take down and there's gonna be some more fun stuff printed and stitched up next week. I'm really excited about whats coming soon hehe.

(there's loads sorry :) )


I made some tags up using brown luggage tags that I found up in the village post office.

And then got to finally put the Kimble gun I bought off eBay months ago into good use!! lol what a silly spontaneous purchase it was!

Here's a few action shots from down the PrintHaus on Tuesday night.


  1. I was going to put lace around the tote I made today but now I'm glad I didn't because you would have thought I was ripping you off... great minds think alike anyway!

    1. You should totally do it anyhoo. It looks pretty sweet.