Thursday, 21 June 2012

I like to draw.... and some action shot dressmaking photos

I woke up this morning feeling awful. It's like this weird combination of hay fever; where inside my nose and throat have swollen and my eyes itch like crazy, mixed with nausea. Bad times. So I didn't go into work, instead I drew a couple of pictures and chilled out. They're for Becca from Green City and the festival that we were making the flags for ( see earlier post ;))

Here's what I've done today and some older new stuff that's lying round on my desk!

They're designs to be printed onto bags at the event.

Here's the ol' sheeet...

The British Bulldog and Stamp were for the Chapter Art Centre event CarArtBootique. Back at Easter time they had a massive art carboot style affair and Jude and Tom from the PrintHaus set up a stall printing jubilee themed bunting. I was suppose to be helping out and supplied these beauts to print but was bed ridden ill so didn't make it down. I'll have to ask Jude if she has any pics of them printed.

This is a cheeky toucan from my sketchbook.

More delights from the sketchbook.

And last but not least a drawing I was working on for the last Snapped Up market but didn't end up using.

Here's also some pictures I found on my phone, action shots from the dresses I made last week!


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