Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Afternoon Lampshade

A few months ago my Grandparents gave me an old lamp stand and shade. The stand was originally made by my Father's uncle (i think) and has always been in their living room for as long as I can remember. They're now in a little flat so it's a tad large for the room so I gladly took it off their hands! So today I finally got around to giving it a make over! It was covered in a creamish silk with matching trim and had a small rip in it, apart from totally not being in my taste it definitely needed some tlc. So I choose some complementary fabrics and went on ahead. I even used a fabric that I'd printed last year.

I chopped up the original cover to get the pattern pieces, It just took 4 pieces like this one.

Then stitched them all together! Well first I stitched them, then over locked the edges. I knew it was going to be tight pulling it back over the frame so i wanted to make sure i didn't pull on the seams too much.

Next I over locked around the top, folded it over and hemmed it down. Over the top of my stitch line I added some trashy lilac trim.

Around the bottom I over locked the edge and then sewed this delightful lilac fringing on top. I'd picked this up on sale in the fabric shop I used to work in, I always knew I'd find a good use for it......

To jazz up the fringing I also added some turquoise rickrack. I wanted it to be an overload of colour and pattern but tastefully done, I hope I've pulled that off!

It was quite a tight squeeze...

Love this blue and black polka dot :)

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