Saturday, 16 June 2012

Vintage Pattern Vintage Fabrics - Heaven!

I had a treat of a job when Hollie from Broken Girls Club asked me to make her a collection of vintage dresses. Out of the pile of patterns I had recently been given she choose one she liked and brought me a big bag of beautiful vintage curtains, bed linen, fabrics and lacy trims to make them out of.

There were some absolutely stunning fabrics in the pile she gave me so I hope I've done them justice! These first 3 are a size 16 on the vintage pattern but nowadays sizes I'd say more like a small 14. They were all curtain fabrics so have quite a nice weight to them, like the original one I'd made.

The next 2 dresses are about a size 12. These were made out of much lighter weight fabrics and give the dress quite a different look. I think they seem a bit more casual but still sweet and would look great with a netted petticoat. The yellow and white one had to be the prettiest bed sheet I've seen in a long time.

Love the patchwork print of this duvet cover, translates really well into dress fabric. I've also made the next 2 out of the same duvet but using the contrasting fabric from each side. the pinker one is a size 12 and the white is the first of the size 10s.

Such a cute ditsy style print. The last two dresses are also a lighter weight fabric bit they were actually fabric lengths rather than duvets or curtains. The blue with double white heart repeat print is delish I really wanted to keep this one for myself. The skirt is super full, the most gather out of all of them; because of all the different types of things being used it was difficult to regiment the fullness of the skirts. The pink dress is a lovely brushed cotton with a small amount of stretch to it. I found some old turquoise rickrack in a suitcase so popped that on too.

Phew... so that's been my busy week! Pretty epic but I cant wait to go and see them in the shop in Morgans Arcade in Cardiff. Hollie's dropped off another bag of fabric and some vintage dresses with broken zips and sleeves to repair so she's keeping me super busy at the mo! all good x


  1. These are beautiful! Yellow stripes is my fave I think.

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